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Fake it until you make it…Not so fast. (Finding real success.)

One of the most common pieces of advice for starting a new business is to, “fake it until you make it.” Again and again, many motivational speakers and business people alike speak of this as a virtue for high achievement. more »

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The Four Skills for Powerful Leadership

In leadership, we see people who are highly effective at execution and are capable of influencing others. For them to be at this state of influence, they are often the embodiment of what they do.  They have personified leadership to more »

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Four factors for keeping your New Year’s resolution

Many people make New Year’s resolutions and most do not keep them. Lose weight, quit smoking, change jobs, run a marathon….sound familiar? Every year people decide to improve their lives, and every year this intention fades. The original resolution is more »

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Life Coaching Questions

Make the changes that will allow you to be who you want to be. Who are you? How do you look at life?  Do you spend every hour of every day doing what you want to do, what you need more »

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Life coaching, A positive outlook

There are at least a million ways of looking at one’s situation. Why not choose a positive one? Through My life coaching practice I have found that A positive outlook, regardless of trauma in whatever circumstance we may find ourselves more »

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The power of solitude

Many people are afraid of facing the demons in their mind but the truth is, those demons are simply your power working against you. This resistance is going on in the background all the time. It shapes your personality and more »

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Letting go of upset and opening up to your power within

Hate is fear inverted and an indicator that you have limited yourself in some way. Self-hatred is a path to insecurity, dis-empowerment, and depression. Acceptance opens you up and sets you free. Free to the love that is available for more »

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Moving toward the feminine

In this technologically advanced culture, we celebrate the masculine; we win at work, our games,  money and  war. The masculine mindset is objective, concise, direct, intense, and un-emotional. Execution is the key and to the victor goes the rewards: honor, more »

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True power

True power cannot be contrived. It is a natural flow from your eternal self. In the calm of your being it flows through you. It is not yours. What you provide is a channel.  To honor this power, you must more »

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Take care of yourself for top performance

Don’t forget to put restorative activities in your life. Many of my clients have strong, analytic minds that can handle a large amount of responsibility and yet they get frazzled. They do so because they’re so reliant on living inside more »

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 Mt. Adams

“Be bold and courageous in life for when you are old and grey, you will regret the things you have not done more than the ones you have.”  ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 

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