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Thoughts for the day that change perspective.

True power cannot be contrived. It is a natural flow from your eternal self. In the calm of your being it flows through you. It is not yours. What you provide is a channel.  To honor this power, you must more »

Don’t forget to put restorative activities in your life. Many of my clients have strong, analytic minds that can handle a large amount of responsibility and yet they get frazzled. They do so because they’re so reliant on living inside more »

Many people I know feel lost in their pursuit of a relationship. Others are drowning in their relationships. In these predicaments, there is a longing for satisfaction that people cannot live without; they believe  in  intimacy and loss of ego more »

Marriage is not necessarily the answer for what we seek, at least the way people usually think of it. There’s much evidence that speaks to the contrary. The objectification of technology and the Western lifestyle creates a world where our more »

The worst and best thing about other people is that they are not us. I’ve gone through several training programs to understand why we do what we do and the best solution for dealing with others I’ve found is this. more »