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Coaching and instruction on how to be a successful leader.

Skill four: Request participation as an invitation not an expectation. I am sure you have experienced at some point a salesperson that will not leave you alone.  Try as you might, they do not go away.  Finally you decide to more »

Skill number three. Learn to tell your story so that others are inspired to get involved.   Many of us can recognize the passion and hope of the powerful “I have a dream” speech Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave more »

Skill number two: Clarify Your Vision of the Future  Now that we have gotten rid of the attachments to the things that limited us in skill one, we are now a blank slate.  It is a very powerful place to more »

As I begin working with people in my executive coaching program, we start with a module on leadership development with four leadership building skills. This module develops skills that allow access to powerful leadership that is fundamental to all leaders more »