As an Executive Coach-Keynote Speaker, I have helped my clients find more impact on their business and the people in their lives. They become more effective and influential. When they first come to me, they feel stuck. They are uncertain about how to achieve their goals. The truth is, whatever one wants, there are answers to getting it. My job is to help my clients lay a foundation to find those answers. Through this process, they are no longer stressed, they are excited. They want more out of life and when they follow my program, they find it.

My program is a 90-day plan where I will give you: instruction, technique, a structured path, motivation, support, and autonomy.

You will gain clarity, insight, peace of mind, powerful action, results, and satisfaction.

This is my passion because I get to witness the transparency and authenticity in others. Through my program, people begin to discover empowering aspects of themselves. I then help them navigate through the construct of their identity and integrate these aspects into their lives. They are then able to go after their true goals with enthusiasm. I am with them through this transformation and am thrilled to see them excited about their lives.

About me

I began coaching in 1996 for an international non-profit organization. Previously, I worked as a mechanical engineer and physics teacher but found through my work in the non-profit, I was much more passionate about empowering people. So I decided to make coaching my occupation.

My education includes a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Oregon Institute of Technology, a master’s in education from Portland State University, counselor training through GSM International, three years of living curriculum and coach training through Landmark Education, and coach training through the Tony Robbins Institute.

 Personal narrative

In my career, I have been a part of many high-level institutions that dominate the cultural context of our society: high-tech firms, public education, corporate engineering, and construction industries. I have spoken with top performers, high-level engineers, educators, administrators, general managers, CEOs, and owners.  Despite all of their success, many of these professionals were not fulfilled, fully realized people.

Through my own ambitions, I found myself going down this same road. Although I was becoming a skilled professional, I was not fulfilled and saw from the conversations of the “successful” people many years ahead of me, that there was not much promise for my future.  This did not work for me.  Something was missing, and so I kept asking myself these two questions.  “What can I do that will empower me to be fully realized?”  And “How can I help others do the same?”

Because of this, I have sought answers for a deeper life purpose. I began doing significant research over several years on various modalities of empowerment. These have included: Western Psychology, Terence McKenna, Ram Dass, Brene’ Brown, Tantra, Hinduism, Tony Robbins, and Landmark Education.

All of these people and modalities are amazing. I have seen huge transitions in people’s lives as well as my own.  I have enjoyed these experiences so much that I decided to dedicate my life to helping people to find the life they want to have, one with more energy, passion, and joy.