Without fail, every session with Adrian results in a breakthrough; a new opening for action, a new opportunity to take responsibility for something, exposure of something that has been limiting me, or release of a view that has been depleting me of joy. To name a few! Thank you Adrian for your contribution to my happiness, performance, and ability to take responsibility for creating a life I love and loving life. I feel more centered, complete, and happy when I’m working with you.”

~Deanna Simon  Research Analyst

Deanna Simon

Wisdom, life experience, perspective, awareness. This is what Adrian possess and gives to the conversation. A refreshing approach and point of view that is valuable to everyone. Start the change today!

~Brian R.   Battalion Fire Chief 

Brian Rooney

Adrian sees and shares with me what it is that stops me in life, what it is that “I put in my way”. He gets to the core of some of the blocks that show up in my everyday life. He carefully crafts questions that make me think about and create my own solutions. He has helped open me up to a life of more than just possibility. He has facilitated in creating new and bold declarations and ways of thinking about past/re-occurring thoughts that he helps to clear out of the way for a clean and clear path to my future.

I am honored to tell you about Adrian Wild, he is showing me ways to powerfully shape my future… My Way.

~Brian Colt  Owner Probuilt NW

When we started work six months ago, I was at a very low point in my life.  Your guidance has helped me move from a viewpoint of little opportunity and a feeling of helplessness, to taking on the challenge of actively finding out what I want in life.  You provided a process of action and creating community that has started me down the path of realizing my goals in life.

I would strongly recommend you to anyone who wants help in pushing past themselves and their circumstances to realize their dreams.

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards,

~Steven Ohlhaber

Steven Ohlhaber

I originally approached Adrian, because I am in my mid-twenties, and was having a career crisis. I could not figure out my life purpose. Furthermore, I was circling in a rut of indecision and uncertainty. I needed help, and I found Adrian. With his powerful listening skills, a keen ability to cut through unproductive conversational cycles in order to get to the core of the issue, and in turn start working on proactive solutions, Adrian has been a godsend. And more; an objective guide, a motivational coach, a spiritual teacher, and a friend.

Adrian has added value to my life that cannot be quantified by a numerical dollar amount. I have been more empowered, more focused, more efficient and more happy since meeting Adrian.

Adrian is, and continues to be a blessing in my life. He will be in yours’ as well.

~Kelley Lambert   Portland State School of Business

Kelly Lambert

I had the opportunity to have Adrian as my coach during a course I took, and give him the highest recommendation. One thing I didn’t expect from a coach was compassion, and found this to be very helpful in getting me to look at the areas where I was shortchanging myself. That, along with his knowledge and ability to help me stay on track toward reaching my goals, made the entire experience very worthwhile. Absolutely five stars!

~Grant Warrens   Regional Manager

Grant warrents

I have known Adrian for over 15 years. In that time, his coaching has allowed me to take a far more positive direction in my life. He has always been patient and thoughtful about his guidance and suggestions. Before I met him, I was a mess. My success since then, has been in no small measure because of the contributions he has given to me in my life. I am a better person today because of it. Thank you Adrian ~Garrett Miles  Voc. Rehab. Specialist  

OK… our one talk has…. spurred us to watch the movie Forks and Knives, decide to change our eating completely. Our daughter is sending recipes and buying us a book…One chat…

We have hope now for a thinner, healthier future.

How’s that make you feel??? Awesome huh?

~Jay   Technical Sales Rep.