Author: Adrian Wild
I began coaching people in 1996 for an international non-profit organization. Previously, I worked as a mechanical engineer and physics teacher but found through my work in the non-profit, I was much more passionate about empowering people. So I decided to make coaching my occupation. My education includes: a bachelors of science in mechanical engineering from Oregon Institute of Technology, A master in education from Portland State University, counselor training through GSM International, three years of living curriculum and coach training through Landmark Education, and coach training through The Tony Robbins Institute.

Waking Up Out of the blue, John messaged me.  I had not heard from him in over nine years.  He was an old friend or maybe better said, an old acquaintance.  I had known him from a time that was more »

Perhaps our desire for pleasure has overshot the need for wisdom. The technology of our modern society, although enlightening, has taken the essential value of partnership away. We no longer need each other to survive. Furthermore, there are no wise more »

One of the most common pieces of advice for starting a new business is to, “fake it until you make it.” Again and again, many motivational speakers and business people alike speak of this as a virtue for high achievement. more »

In leadership, we see people who are highly effective at execution and are capable of influencing others. For them to be at this state of influence, they are often the embodiment of what they do.  They have personified leadership to more »

Many people make New Year’s resolutions and most do not keep them. Lose weight, quit smoking, change jobs, run a marathon….sound familiar? Every year people decide to improve their lives, and every year this intention fades. The original resolution is more »

Skill four: Request participation as an invitation not an expectation. I am sure you have experienced at some point a salesperson that will not leave you alone.  Try as you might, they do not go away.  Finally you decide to more »

Skill number three. Learn to tell your story so that others are inspired to get involved.   Many of us can recognize the passion and hope of the powerful “I have a dream” speech Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave more »

Skill number two: Clarify Your Vision of the Future  Now that we have gotten rid of the attachments to the things that limited us in skill one, we are now a blank slate.  It is a very powerful place to more »

As I begin working with people in my executive coaching program, we start with a module on leadership development with four leadership building skills. This module develops skills that allow access to powerful leadership that is fundamental to all leaders more »

Make the changes that will allow you to be who you want to be. Who are you? How do you look at life?  Do you spend every hour of every day doing what you want to do, what you need more »