Take care of yourself for top performance

Don’t forget to put restorative activities in your life. Many of my clients have strong, analytic minds that can handle a large amount of responsibility and yet they get frazzled. They do so because they’re so reliant on living inside of reason, they forget that their outlook is also dependent on their physiology and psychology. With their strong minds they spread themselves thin, trying to accomplish a lot. They then justify getting less than eight hours of sleep, consuming caffeine and forgetting to  check in with themselves during the day. This commonly leads to burn-out. They then try to reason why this is happening and consider making a change in attitude and even working harder to achieve their goals. This strategy may work for a short time but eventually the burn out will set in again. Their bodies, emotions and even relationships are stressed. What they misunderstand is that like a finely tuned machine, they also need maintenance.

So bring restorative  activities into  your life.  Relieve the pent-up tension through exercise and others activities that  clear the mind. Check in with yourself daily and connecting with others that bring you joy. You will perform much better, have a constructive out look and supportive relationships to help you achieve your goal.

I began coaching people in 1996 for an international non-profit organization. Previously, I worked as a mechanical engineer and physics teacher but found through my work in the non-profit, I was much more passionate about empowering people. So I decided to make coaching my occupation. My education includes: a bachelors of science in mechanical engineering from Oregon Institute of Technology, A master in education from Portland State University, counselor training through GSM International, three years of living curriculum and coach training through Landmark Education, and coach training through The Tony Robbins Institute.